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The world is talking about womens’ empowerment and has been for a while now. We decided to not talk about it and DO SOMETHING instead!

Before we tell you what it is that we are doing, here’s an interesting trivia for you – the average woman spends about 3500 days of her life menstruating. That translates to 10 years! 10 years of their lives that women spend in discomfort, pain or moodiness.

PMS and period cramps have been normalized. Brands are busy selling products to relieve women of the pain. Organizations evangelizing paid leaves to their employees so they can rest on their “bad” days. PMS and period cramps are common. Doesn’t mean they are normal. Nature didn’t design our bodies to be in pain or discomfort every month.

At Inaari we want to help build an equal world where women have pain-free periods and no longer have to deal with diseases that are related to hormonal imbalance. A world where women are aligned with their inner cycles and energy.

We help menstruating women get rid of PMS symptoms & period cramps. We solve PCOS and other hormonal imbalance related issues with simple dietary and nutritional advice. And yes, weight loss for those who want it, as a happy side-effect.

Women’s hormone cycles are aligned to their menstrual cycle. Their nutritional needs, productivity at work, how they feel about themselves and others are different during different times of the month. Through Menstrual Cycle Awareness, we help women combat not just issues related to hormonal imbalance (such as PMS, period cramps, weight gain, PCOS, PCOD etc) but also help them to optimise other aspects of their lives such as productivity, sleep, mood, libido, etc. and also help them feel supercharged and energised.

The Inaari Mobile Application is driven by a woman’s personal health data and aligned using our proprietary algorithms. It allows women to track the various phases of menstrual cycle and provides them personalised advice on what to eat, when.

Impact Initiatives

Neglecting women’s menstrual pain has had a long history, which affects their well-being and ability to progress in societies today. Through our Impact Initiatives we aim to increase women’s knowledge about their menstrual cycle and help them reclaim their health, inner energy and rightful place on this planet:

  1. Transforming conversations around menstruation & the woman’s body

    India is slowly witnessing a transformation in how menstruation is talked about in public. While on one end more and more people are now daring to end the silence around menstruation the fact remains that even in the urban and educated sections of the society, menstruation is still a socially & culturally taboo subject. This primarily stems from the myths around menstruation and period blood itself. The stigma and shame extends to a very skewed and limited understanding of the woman’s body and what is happening inside her through the menstrual cycle.

    At Inaari, we use contemporary and participatory mediums such as Art and Cycle Journaling alongside online and in-person workshops and training programs to create menstrual awareness.

    We have a strong focus on the urban as well as the under-privileged sections of the society.

  2. Raising awareness of the menstrual cycle’s role in women’s health & overall well-being

    The average woman spends 10 years of her life menstruating. Despite this, there is a strong lack of awareness amongst women about the impact of the menstrual cycle on their health and overall well-being.

    We share information on how women should eat, sleep, work and live as per their menstrual cycle via an easy to use mobile application; through our social media platforms and information seminars.

    At the grassroot level, extensive training programs are conducted to raise awareness.

  3. Raising awareness about the impact of Menstrual Hygiene products on environment

    The environmental impact of menstrual hygiene is huge – it takes approx. 500 years for a sanitary pad or tampon to decompose. An individual uses 11000 + disposal products in their lifetime. Pads contain polyethylene plastic & tampons contain single use plastics as well as chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon causing harm to the user as well as the environment.

    We share information on safer, green menstruation products that are good for users as well as the planet.

For information on how you or your organization can contribute or assist in the initiatives mentioned above, kindly write directly to our founder on:


Rashmi Putcha is an alumna of Insead Business School and is also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. A highly successful and award-winning serial entrepreneur, Rashmi has spent over 2 decades in education and advertising. Inaari is her fourth start-up and first social impact initiative.

Rashmi is an evangelist of women’s health and empowerment. Inaari is her initiative to give back to the world. In her own words - “Inaari is my ikigai, my purpose in life. Women are unique and complex in their physiology, and I believe that women’s empowerment stems from women understanding and aligning their lifestyle to their unique body clocks. Lack of Menstrual Cycle Awareness is the root cause of the problems related to women’s health. With Inaari, it is my mission to educate women on their inner cycle and how to align with it”

As a health coach, she mostly works with women who are dealing with weight management, hormonal imbalance and lifestyle issues. Her approach is holistic, drug-free and driven by the concepts of ‘food-as-medicine’ as well as other natural approaches. She specializes in weight management, stress management, hormonal balance and menstrual cycle alignment. She uses a unique combination of fasting, nutrition, movement and cycle-journaling to help women tap into their own inner energy and potential.

Rashmi is a featured speaker and trainer at leading corporate and private workshops and wellness retreats for women. She also conducts group coaching and private consultations. She can be contacted on

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